Don Guy, Affiliate Broker & Realtor

Welcome! I am Don Guy, affiliate broker and realtor for Bestway Realty, LLC. My focus is on recreational property and other real estate close to the Big South Fork National Recreation Area. If you are considering property in this area, you couldn’t have picked a better location!
This area offers rural tranquility, provided by the abundance of parks, natural areas, and reserves close by. The 1,000,000+ combined acres in these parks offer camping, hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and horseback riding opportunities within 50 miles of Jamestown, TN. The Jamestown area offers the scenery of the Smokey Mountains without all the people!
If these opportunities and scenery interest you, please contact me. I’ll help you find your dream home!

​For more information on the parks described above, check out these links:
For more information on Jamestown and Fentress County, check out these links:
Fentress County Chamber of Commerce                                                             
The red schoolhouse in the slideshow above is avaliable as lodging. For more information check out this link:
For custom guided hiking and backpacking tours, horseback rides, and pack trips into the Big South Fork:
Southeast Pack Trips                                                                      

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